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Chef Knife

SKU: 90463
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Our knives are a quality that's a cut above. Every Longaberger knife is touched by the skilled, experienced hands of master cutlery artisans. Each knife is made in America with a unique maple handle, treated to last longer than traditional wood handles, joined to the blade with copper rivets and carefully smoothed and shaped to fit your hand with balance. You won't find a knife that feels better in your hand, retains its edge longer or cuts cleaner. 14 3/4"l (9 1/4" blade; 5 1/2" handle). Easy to use KnifeSafe completely covers 8" and 10" long blades, protecting people as well as knife blades. Made of nontoxic, food grade, clear polypropylene. Locking tabs clamp tight, and rubber pads hold the knife securely in place for safe storage and transportation. Dishwasher safe. Made in the U.S.A.

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