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Longaberger Couture™

Woven with every Longaberger Couture piece, you will discover an incredible combination of American heritage and artistry. Our Master Basketmakers meticulously weave each basket by hand, using expertise honed by more than a century of basketmaking legacy. These are no ordinary baskets; they are true works of art.

We are on a temporary 12-16 week shipping schedule due to a relocation of our manufacturing and distribution operations.

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Picture of Allegheny River Rock
Picture of Athens Urn

Athens Urn

Picture of Biscayne Urn

Biscayne Urn

Picture of Cardiff Vase

Cardiff Vase

Picture of Crystal River Rock

Crystal River Rock

Picture of Fall River Urn

Fall River Urn

Picture of Helena Urn

Helena Urn

Picture of Natchez Urn

Natchez Urn

Picture of New Haven Vase

New Haven Vase

Picture of North Fork River Rock
Picture of Rogue River Rock

Rogue River Rock

Picture of Set of 3 Oak Park Baskets
Picture of Small Oak Park Vase
Picture of Medium Oak Park Vase
Picture of Large Oak Park Vase
Picture of Santa Fe Urn

Santa Fe Urn

Picture of Sedona Vase

Sedona Vase

Picture of Taos Vase

Taos Vase

Picture of Washington Column

Washington Column